Institute of Construction Machinery


Institute of Construction Machinery

Institute of Construction Machinery was founded in 1955. It is the director-organization of Construction Cranes Branch Society and the vice director-organization of Logistic Engineering Branch Society inChina Construction Machinery Society.

This institute conducts both fundamental design theory and applied researches on the development of new products in the construction machinery field. Most construction machinery is large and customized, and sometimes it would cause huge damages once even a small part went to failure. The studies on the theory and methods are focused on how to guarantee the safety of the equipment, how to manufacture them easily and operate them comfortably. As a result, we developed many kinds of equipment till now,including automatic material handling systems (AGVs). Especially, a great progress has been made on cranes design.

We dedicate to teaching innovation and cultivation of students.Every year a lot of bachelors, masters and doctors graduate from the institute. Wherever they are, they are really trying to do some active impacts on the promotion of the technology. All the students are proud of our institute.

Also the institute has organized or took part in writing many design codes or books about construction machinery. Most of them have a good reputation in this researching field.

At present, talents are welcomed to join our team to push the field research forward together.





Room Number

Fuzheng Qu



Yanjun Shi









Research Field

[1]. System design of soft soil and hard rocktunnel boring machine

[2]. High speed and high precision rolling bearing design and intelligence

[3]. Fatigue crack growth and resistance design of complex mechanical structure

[4]. Mechanical structure optimization design and test driven by performance

Main Achievements (text with pictures)

Dynamic compaction machine

Dynamic simulation for roller coaster

Control system design

Finite element analysis

8~160t Truck crane

500t~1200t All-terrain Crane

50t~4000t Crawler Cranes

Tower cranes

Lorry mounted crane

Telescopic fork truck

Telescopic crawler crane

Fire trucks

113m Aero work platform of fire truck

Aero Work platform

Bucket Wheel Excavator

The largest international experimental platform of full face comprehensive tunnel boring machine(Φ3.24)

The first set ofgeological adaptability design system of tunnel boring machinecutterhead

The design and development of the composite main bearing of shield machinethrough the cooperation with the enterprise

Combined design and development of full face rock tunnel boring machine(Φ8.53)

Combined design and development of full face slurry composite shield machine (Φ14.93)

Automatic Material Handling System (AGVs)